Hardy's Reflections

Day 1, 6th June 2011
Day 1 was a really interesting experience for me. Now, I won't really ramble about the technical knowledge I learnt from the sessions, etc. I'd like to touch a little on the impressions I had as I began the learning journey here in NTU. Being a secondary student now, the life of a University student is pretty much alien to me. I found that the lifestyles were really interesting...how they'd work, how they learn in their "classes". For the first time I stepped into the hostels, I could already imagine how the many students who could possibly study til' late at night and all that. Now, I have a slight experience of what it's like to study here. The sessions will great too. The Professors talking were engaging and eager to share the knowledge that they knew and tried to make connections with that information with our lives. I am also excited to begin my project the next day! :D

Day 2, 7th June 2011
Day 2 began with a hearty breakfast and a refreshing start to the new and long day ahead.The main event of the day was our designated projects that were assigned to each of the students from the beginning. I had a great experience in the project classes. This was real hands on programming. We were creating things that the majority of us had never programmed before. Thus, it was pretty much an interesting experience for me. I won't touch much on the technical side once again. I'd like to say that the whole project group community was great. At the end of the whole session, we shared the modified game that we had at the time. To me, it was not so much about how we might have done better or worse than the others, but it was about what skills and creativity we can learn from each other.

Of course, my group was doing great as well. Disky, having the last group number tag, was sitted at the back of the lab, but it was alright. We managed to tweak the game a little, and we were excited as we watched the other teams showcase their project. We had learnt a lot.